Milwaukee bills itself as “The Genuine American City”. In many ways, it is a city of contrasts. There is ethnic diversity, but racial tension. In fact, the LA Times has consistently rated Milwaukee as the most segregated city in the nation. It is a city of art and culture boasting one of the most prestigious art museums in the nation and dotted with classic mansions from Milwaukee’s day of glory, but it also includes widespread areas of poverty and despair. The 2000 census reported that over 40 percent of the children in Milwaukee live below the poverty level, ranking it fourth in the nation. Milwaukee is also home to over 25 colleges and universities with students who have never heard of Jesus.  It is into this environment that we seek to minister God’s grace this summer.

During the fast-paced eight week project we will grow together and learn about a variety of topics: team building, reconciliation, evangelism, justice, leadership and service. You will experience worship and fellowship with those from other cultures and see who God is through the eyes of the city’s people. Your hands-on ministry may include working with children in tutoring and mentoring programs, doing evangelism on local beaches or elsewhere in the community, serving the homeless, and doing a work project with local churches. You will work hard serving people while forming bonds with your fellow students living in Christian community. For more information, go to

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