Spring Retreat


Take a weekend off to enjoy a break from campus and connect with God and other students just from Northeast Wisconsin!

It is a great opportunity to relax, have some fun, and experience a closer relationship with God.

What Will We Do?
Spring Retreat has some similarities to our Fall Retreat, however it has some of it’s own unique characteristics as well.  With the school year wrapping up and summer looming Spring Retreat becomes a great weekend for bonding before students head home or off on Cru Summer Missions.  A unique draw for Spring Retreat is the opportunity to learn from speakers who are also leaders in Cru throughout Northeast Wisconsin.  Nobody can speak to the challenges and needs of students better than students themselves.  This allows for focused and applicable lessons at every meeting and breakout.  On the lighter side, Spring Retreat also claims the prize of hosting Northeast Wisconsin Cru’s annual “No Talent Talent Show” which is a night of embarrassingly funny acts and hidden talents. No matter what you are looking for Spring Retreat will most likely have it and its always at a great price.

How can I register?
Register Here

Also, look for updates and information at Cru Live.

What to Bring.
:: Bible
:: Notebook
:: Pen/Pencil
:: Clothing- for warm and cold temps
:: Sleeping Bag or Other bedding
:: Pillow
:: Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, contact solution, etc.)
:: Towel
:: Games ?!
:: Money to eat supper on Friday and lunch on Sunday
:: Snack/Beverage (Freshmen=sweet, Sophomores/Juniors=salty, Seniors=beverages)

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