St. Norbert College

Cru is a recognized student organization at Saint Norbert College. We are an organization that desires to give every student the opportunity to connect socially, ask questions, and experience a life-changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have been a student organization at Saint Norbert for many years and seek to make a positive impact on our campus and community.

New here? Connect with us using this short survey to help us connect with you.

Cru Live! @ SNC

Join us at Cru Live! This is our weekly on campus event.  8pm each Wednesday. Currently we are meeting virtually on a ZOOM LINK with the covid restrictions.  Cru Live is a great place to find out more about other Cru events, meet new friends, and learn about the Christian faith while gaining a deepening understanding of what a personal relationship with Christ is.

Life Group

Contact us about being in a small group, by either connecting with us on the link above on the page or email us at or   If you want to just meet in person and learn more about Cru, we would love to do that as well.  We know this is a challenging time to start a college experience, so if you just need someone to talk to, we are available to do that as well, so email us!

With the current covid situation, we are meeting as a large group each Wednesday and then splitting into small groups to discuss a talk every other week, and the other weeks a bible discussion led by a leader.  We also have some fun playing a game and getting to know some of the leaders who have been around.  A great way to get involved right now!


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