UW-Fox Valley

Cru is a recognized student organization at UW-Fox Valley. We are an organization that desires to give every student the opportunity to connect socially, ask questions, and experience a life-changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have been a student organization at UW-Fox Valley for many years and seek to make a positive impact on our campus and community.

New here? Contact either Arlene – arlenezjohnson@sbcglobal.net or                                                                               Kristin – 170145tammy@gmail.com

Cru Live! @ UWFV

Currently with covid we are not meeting for a weekly meeting.  We hope to resume this Spring.  If you want to just meet in person and learn more about Cru, we would love to do that as well.  We know this is a challenging time to start a college experience, so if you just need someone to talk to, we are available to do that as well, so contact us!

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